Two Years In The Making…

I first started this blog almost two years ago and it has taken me that long to publish my first post. Procrastination at it’s finest. When I first created this I had too much time on my hands and was eager to get into the world of blogging. I even wrote my very first blog post! But never got around to actually posting it.

Shortly after I began this endeavor, my spare time was eaten up by family time, graduate classes, and having a baby. But I was still hopeful that I would find time to cook and share my creations with you. So, after two years, I am done procrastinating.

Better From Scratch is a name that my husband and I came up with together. I knew I wanted to blog about food (because it is near the top of the “favorite things” list) but also because I love to cook and bake things from scratch. While I in no way consider myself a health nut, I have become pickier about what I put into my body. It started when I got pregnant. I figured I should probably think about what I am feeding that little peanut in there instead of just blindly eating whatever I wanted.

This is a place that I hope to mostly share healthy recipes made from scratch that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family! I will also share adventures of mine (fitness, DIY projects, etc…) once in awhile just to keep things interesting.